Why do we use Dermalogica Products?

Dermalogica uses ingredients designed to help keep skin at an optimal level of fitness – not just cover up with cosmetic results. But don't get us wrong: a benefit of healthy skin is skin that looks its best! In addition, when skin is at an optimal level of fitness, our professional skin therapist can more effectively address issues that may arise from time to time, as your skin's needs are constantly changing.


Introductory Facial

Introduce your skin to Dermalogica products with a professional cleanse, exfoliation, masque, and moisturizer. This nourishment will promote clear, well-hydrated skin.

30 Minutes: $85




Signature Facial

A revitalizing skin treatment is fully inclusive to deliver your skin’s best health. This treatment involves a combination of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner, and skin protections. A face, neck, and shoulder massage will emphasize relaxation.

50 Minutes: $125





Rejuvenating Facial

Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give your face a revitalizing power boost using the Age Smart line by Dermalogica. This treatment is designed to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize the skin while controlling the biochemical effects that lead to premature skin aging.

50 Minutes: $135